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About us

METRAC is a community-based, not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) that works to prevent and eliminate violence against diverse women and youth. We are committed to the right of women and youth to live free of violence and the threat of violence.

Our work is informed by anti-oppression principles and we recognize that women and youth experience violence in different ways depending on factors such as their ethno-racial backgrounds, income levels, sexualities, gender identities, abilities and ages. We believe that violence prevention measures must address the distinctive experiences of diverse individuals and communities.

METRAC uses an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach. We work in partnership with individuals, community groups, organizations and services, governments, institutions, educators, urban planners and health and legal professionals.

METRAC is a registered charity.

About METRAC sheet: PDF (176 KB)

Our history

METRAC’s beginnings date back to the summer of 1982 when a number of brutal sexual assaults and murders of women occurred in the City of Toronto. A group of women organized themselves as “The Toronto Pink Ribbon Committee” to demand that something be done. The committee approached the Metro Toronto Chair in office at the time, Paul Godfrey. Acting on their suggestions in collaboration with the Metropolitan Toronto Board of Commissioners of Police, a task force to examine public violence against women and children was established. The task force worked with Metro Toronto staff and council members, more than 80 individual community volunteers, local experts and community and service agencies. A Final Report of their efforts was released in March 1984. It recommended the Metropolitan Toronto Council appoint a body to implement all of the report’s recommendations. The “Metropolitan Action Committee on Public Violence Against Women and Children” was then established. A ten-member Board of Directors was appointed, headed by Toronto lawyer and then-Police Commissioner Jane Pepino.

Community partners

Below is a list of some of METRAC's past and present community partners.

Strategic plan

Building on our success in delivering more than 25 years of exemplary violence prevention services, in March 2011, METRAC's Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for 2011 to 2014.

Our vision

A world where inequity and oppression are actively challenged and dismantled in interpersonal relationships, communities and systems so that women and youth live free of violence and the threat of violence.

Our purpose

We advance justice, safety and equity for women and youth through collaborative, innovative public outreach and awareness raising, education and information dissemination, safety audits, community-based research, policy development and law reform. METRAC's work is grounded in the recognition that marginalized communities have differential experiences and require unique responses in relation to violence.

Our values

  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Feminisms
  • Collaboration

Strategic directions

  1. Embed anti-racism/anti-oppression principles into the organization’s systems and structures
  2. Strengthen the organization
  3. Expand the use of technology for greater reach and efficiency
  4. Re-brand and restructure the organization

Stratgic plan summary, 2011-2014: PDF (92 KB)

Newsletters and annual reports


2013 Fall/Winter Newsletter: Vision for "The Station"PDF (485 KB)
2013 Spring/Summer Newsletter: Campus Safety for WomenPDF (1.1 MB)
2012 Fall Newsletter: The Power of VolunteersPDF (1.2 MB)
2012 Spring Newsletter: Empowerment for Women and YouthPDF (998 KB)
2011 Fall Newsletter: Integrating Art into Violence PreventionPDF (670 KB)
2011 Spring Newsletter: ReAct: 10 Years of Youth Preventing ViolencePDF (540 KB)
2010 Fall Newsletter: Taking Action on Community SafetyPDF (444 KB)
2010 Spring Newsletter: Do JusticePDF (184 KB)
2009 Fall Newsletter: Challenging Violence Through TechnologyPDF (192 KB)
2009 Spring Newsletter: Engaging Boys and Men to Help Prevent Violence Against Women and GirlsPDF (201 KB)
2008 Fall Newsletter: To the Soul: Faith and Spiritual Communities Addressing Violence Against WomenPDF (425 KB)
2008 Spring Newsletter: Where We're At: School Safety and Young WomenPDF (361 KB)
2007 Fall Newsletter: Youth Violence and Gender on the AgendaPDF (455 KB)
2007 Spring Newsletter: Trafficking of Women and GirlsPDF (355 KB)
2006 Fall Newsletter: Focus on Sexual ViolencePDF (759 KB)
2006 Spring Newsletter: Connecting Poverty and ViolencePDF (1.02 MB)
2005 Fall Newsletter: Powers That Be: Linking Authority and ViolencePDF (983 KB)
2005 Spring Newsletter: Envisioning a Safer Society for AllPDF (4.55 MB)
2004 Fall Newsletter: Celebrating 20 Years of CommunityPDF (2.06 MB)
2002 Summer NewsletterPDF (397 KB)

Annual reports

2012 Annual ReportPDF (722 KB)
2011 Annual ReportPDF (807 KB)
2010 Annual ReportPDF (722 KB)
2009 Annual ReportPDF (254 KB)
2008 Annual ReportPDF (199 KB)
2007 Annual ReportPDF (297 KB)
2006 Annual ReportPDF (441 KB)
2005 Annual ReportPDF (846 KB)
2004 Annual ReportPDF (970 KB)
2003 Annual ReportPDF (1.59 MB)